I am a Christian who’s interested to get married a woman who was increased as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses

I am a Christian who’s interested to get married a woman who was increased as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses


but she is not a devout representative by herself. The girl mummy and step-father are extremely mixed up in Watchtower company. She comes with bible study with her mommy and some of this lady buddies who happen to be furthermore Jehovah’s witnesses. My personal question for you is what might become pro’s and con’s regarding a relationship with a Jehovah’s observe? Will it be considerably negative than good in a wedding?


Many thanks for mailing us and revealing concerning your circumstances with your fiance who is Jehovah’s Witness. All of our minds go out to you in dealing with this hard question. We are able to imagine the questions you have around marrying someone that is actually involved in the Jehovah’s Witness faith plus they are truly legitimate.

We’ve caused a number of lovers for which a person is a Jehovah’s Witness and another isn’t and in addition we found which might extremely tough in order for them to be able to work through the difference between Christian philosophy and Watchtower theories. Even yet in instances when one other spouse is not a Christian features maybe not particular faith philosophy, it’s still hard because of the psychological regulation the Watchtower exerts on the customers. If you choose to get married this Jehovah’s experience girl, certain problem you will deal with inside relationship are listed below:

CHILDREN INFLUENCED BY WATCHTOWER INSTRUCTION: considering that the Watchtower will teach that non-Jehovah’s Witnesses would be destroyed and therefore contact with non-Jehovah’s experience friends can cause religious passing, you will find continuous stress to teach girls and boys inside lessons of Watchtower in order to get them to end up being baptized from inside the religion asap. Jehovah’s Witnesses youngsters are constantly ridiculed by non-Jehovah’s experience friends since they’re prohibited to: Salute the banner, relate extensively with non-Jehovah’s Witness peers, take part in any holiday recreation, nor feel energetic in extra-curricular recreation (like musical organization, sports, etc) if these types of tasks stop all of them from participating in group meetings in the Kingdom hallway throughout the week. Children are also expected to complete all their required homework in the Watchtower literature in addition to homework from school. Thus, there was little or no energy where Jehovah’s experience youngsters are permitted to just be kids.

DIVISION OVER PRAYER: Family prayer energy was greatly impacted if the spouse is not one

Although the potential partner just isn’t exercising the faith really firmly right now, this is no warranty that she will stick to the sidelines of this Watchtower religion. The knowledge shows that after problems in relationship or family members issue occurs, unless the Jehovah’s experience is actually willing to undergo deprogramming or Christian guidance to-break totally free from mind-controlling elements of Watchtower wondering, the first place the partner will go is always to immediately revert back once again to the Jehovah’s Witness religion for pointers and protection. This is particularly true when the Jehovah’s experience lover has actually household members engaging. Don’t underestimate the degree associated with pressure Jehovah’s Witness relation may exert to obtain the sedentary spouse into the company. In the event the lover returns for the Watchtower, as have took place several situations there is worked with, we come across that not as much as 50percent regarding the marriages endure.

We’ve got learned that even yet in cases where a spouse concurred to not deliver the Jehovah’s experience religion inside matrimony, even this doesn’t prove successful as soon as the girls and boys show up as there are a battle over which religion the family can be increased in. Also, whether their Jehovah’s Witness fiance understands they or otherwise not, the woman reasoning in almost all aspects of every day life is suffering from the Jehovah’s experience beliefs she’s got become brought up with. Though she may well not try to knowingly bring the faith in to the partnership, this lady thought-processes and responses to problem because they arise in your relationship will finally end up being afflicted by just what she has been educated. Thus, the religion can be a substantial aspect in your matrimony, unless its correctly dealt with.

Therefore, we might highly encourage you to either prolong your engagement to deal with the challenges for the Watchtower together with your fiance or reconsider up to you to marry when the dilemma of “religion” can not be solved.

“Do not be bound including unbelievers; for what relationship has righteousness and lawlessness, or just what fellowship has lightweight with dark?” —2 Corinthians 6:14 (New American Standard Bible)

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