Thus, precious journal, I am not believing that i’ll meet your

Thus, precious journal, I am not believing that i’ll meet your

Maybe next, I should leave him from the hook he appears to be dangling from. I’m not a person to become a spoilsport a€“ but yes, I am able to become just a bit of a tease easily bring a mind to-be. Within two of us, we quite believe that it is I who’s playing games.

Another bite within cherry?

Better, the rather dishy chap who I accused of being fake have messaged me once again. I have chose to connect to your but just be aware a€“ as I always in the morning. I am talking about, little ventured absolutely nothing gained appropriate? Just in case he does grow to be artificial, it may merely hurt me personally easily be seduced by it. That, precious diary, just isn’t one thing i am going to permit result once again.

Oh, and Captain Lindegaard is back on Facebook. Albeit he has got provided that he’s maintaining his profile private. I do not blame your. There was a gang of men misappropriating his personality and his imagery. It incenses me personally that Facebook, where in fact the majority of the phony users include a€“ do-nothing to tackle this problem.

I am furthermore acquiring somewhat tired of many of the considerably persistent communications that We get to my Facebook webpage. I mean, really, all benefits with the reason are to be applauded a€“ but be sure to, do not give me a hard time about just who I am a€“ whoever desires discover exactly who Im can inspect myself out-by pursuing the website links to my website or my personal web log!

That dear journal, is perhaps all I have to say for the present time …. as my personal fingertips and toes become cooler and I have to go switch the warming upon!

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As ever, photographs of chief Thomas Lindegaard are employed together with his sort authorization. Copyright laws stays with him that should not be employed for any factor without his explicit permission.

If you should be contacted on any web site from a visibility making use of photos of your man (master Thomas Lindegaard), please know that there can be a Tsunami of fake users on the market utilizing his photographs.


Well, dear journal, i’ve virtually destroyed the last two days. Newcastle on Thursday did not occur that was an enormous frustration when I had been getting excited about it. As an alternative, my girlfriend and I going down into town for some drinks. My protestations that I wasn’t probably have excessively sought out the window; one drink of this gorgeousness that is the Margarita beverage at Macy’s was actually enough to point myself over into a€“ well, I am not rather yes what but We have not a clue exactly why we hammered they such that evening.

The evening ended up being nice sufficient, because always is with snapsext App my buddy a€“ we had a little bit of a deep and important (just as much as it is possible to whenever fuelled by alcoholic beverages) about something is being conducted in our lives, following it actually was to home a€“ after Cheesy potato chips from the not-so-dodgy-kebab-shop nearby.

Well that, my beloved journal, ended up being a large error. I won’t gross your on utilizing the facts, but suffice to say I was regretting the choice to have very countless cocktails for just two time

Yes, your look over that proper a€“ couple WHOLE DAYS lost to your queasiness and hungoverness that has been me personally for the next 2 days. I’d to hug good-bye to my personal java big date in a nearby city and I also nearly invested the next 2 days recovering between the sheets.

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