We would want to shot & have it helping you

We would want to shot & have it helping you

Hi Benjamina€“ you aren’t missing out on anythinga€“that’s all those things’s required. It may sound just like your Windows Computer will not be recognizing the style. Will it get a drive letter as soon as you put they in? Do you have the skills its formatted (HFS+, APFS, exFAT, FAT32, various other)?

Hey Rick. Many thanks for reacting. I have a a€?TOSHIBA EXT (D:)a€? information while I connect around. I have little idea the way it’s formatted. How do I discover that ? Please recommend. Ben

Hello Rick. Be sure to respond to my 1/ post. Or else, I’m going to need return my personal Toshiba Drive and ask for a refund for getting your product or service. Btw, while I duplicated overall my new iphone photo and videos towards Toshiba outside drive, they calculated exactly how many photographs and movies are duplicated. But once we featured within the the drive back at my PC, there is nothing but bare area within the drive.

We have recently began a website, the info your create about this website has actually aided me significantly. Thanks for your time & jobs.

Will likely not acknowledge any drive. Shuttle powered Mercury top-notch pro duo, nor with a pocket sandisc SSD drive. Wont run if connected to phone directly or via a 2017 MacBook Pro. Purchased the digital camera 3 fruit adapter. software won’t acknowledge any drive in any combination of hookup. I’d like my personal money back.

I am aware the stress

Disappointed to listen to that it is not working! * Are you by using the Lightning to USB 3 cam adaptor (with the extra Lightning slot)? If that’s the case, kindly shot hooking up the drive to the phone with the adapter, and connect a powered super cable tv for the added port on the adapter. * Do you have a drive along with its very own power as possible attempt? Occasionally, despite the extra power on the adapter, mobile phones just don’t result enough power for disks.

However, if you want to move on, i am aware. Apple Support assists you to utilizing the reimbursement (we do not get access to Fruit’s repayment systems or background).

I have linked my personal iPhone 11 plus just like you defined using the $40 apple camera usb3 adapter and sandisc severe ssd drive is certainly not recognized by the software. Used my newer $1200 owc Mercury elite group professional duo drive and that’s perhaps not respected. Thus I tried a an iPhone 8 and exact same problems. Just what’s along other with your app. It will not work.

Sadly, it’s not an issue with the appa€“it feels like your mobile is almost certainly not supplying sufficient power to the exterior tool. Copy That communicates with attached disks, but it’s to iOS alone to do computer recognition and connection.

For examplea€“you’ll read a comparable enjoy when you use the integrated data application in an attempt to access the computer. Should your disk turns up inside the Files app, it must assist Copy That. Whether or not it does not appear when you look at the records software, after that Copy which is unable to find it.

My personal best advice is to utilize a drive having its own power supply, and connect it with the phone utilizing the Lightning to USB 3 Camera adaptor (while supplying additional power to the phone through the additional Lightning interface).

I desired to duplicate one videos file, however when We identify Photos/Videos, they made an effort to copy the video clips, and that I surpassed my iCloud allotment. Can there be not a manner (e.g., thru Files) to restrict which movies is duplicated?

And the usb to usb c fruit adaptor etc

Backup designed for bulk copyinga€“there’s presently maybe not an approach to replicate a single movie (although that’s on all of our listing for possible future additions).

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